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Yizkor Services at Brandeis University

Yom Hashoah

Transportation Service

Cafe Europa

Izzy Arbeiter Essay Contest


Social Action

New England Holocaust Memorial

Co-Sponsored Programs
Holiday Visitation:

German Translation Service:

Café Hakalah:


Yizkor Services (Prayers for those Murdered) at Brandeis University:

It is customary in the Jewish tradition to have a memorial observance (Yarhzeit) on the anniversary of the death of an immediate family member and it is traditional to visit grave sites between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  Survivors of the Holocaust lost so much and they had many things taken from them.  They do not have actual anniversary dates of death to observe nor do they have cemetery graves marked with a family stone to visit.  Additionally, there are no family members to visit and remember the memory of those that did not survive.  One of the things that we can give back to Survivors is a date and a place to observe a Yarhzeit and a location to recite prayers typically said at the graveside of a loved one.  The Yizkor Service at Brandeis University is one of the times during the year that Survivors can gather together united in the presence of people who want to pay tribute to those lives lost and to recite the Mourners’ Kaddish to fulfill an observance that otherwise would be one more thing just taken from them.

Like all other Holocaust awareness programs this too is also a time for the community to show respect and be thankful that some lives were spared and there are Survivors amongst us.

This event is held on the Brandeis University Campus in Waltham and is usually on the Sunday between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur it is open to the public and it is free.

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Yom Hashoah (Day of Remembrance):

Boston’s Jewish Community Relations Council along with Generations After and many other Boston based Jewish organizations, synagogues and schools co-sponsor this Yom HaShoah observance in Faneuil Hall each year on the Sunday following Yom HaShoah.  This is our once-a-year opportunity to honor Survivors and to observe the Yarzheit of six million Jewish souls.  There is no other day more appropriate for the entire Jewish community to come together to pay tribute to those who were slaughtered and to be thankful for those who were miraculously spared.  It is our duty as children and grandchildren and as a Jewish community to continue to consecrate this observance both while there are still Survivors among us and certainly when we are left to carry on for them.  A well attended event is the only influence we have to ensure that these programs do not cease, that lives lost were not taken in vain, that lessons learned are not forgotten and that history is not altered to suit the mission of others.

One of our most important objectives of Generations After as an organization is to ensure that there will always be a Greater Boston community-wide Yom HaShoah observance, where homage can be paid to relatives and kinsmen lost in the Holocaust, where people will stand and recite Mourners’ Kaddish for lives destroyed by hatred and sing HaTikvah for lives enriched by hope and recall the many Children of Israel taken from the world forever, who in death gave the world the State of Israel.

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Transportation Service:

Generations After provides transportation services to Survivors who would like to attend Survivor events but are unable to travel on their own or don't have any other means of transportation available.

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Cafe Europa:

Café Europa an annual luncheon event for Holocaust Survivors and their descendants.  It is an opportunity to reunite with old friends, to reminisce and once again share survivor stories, to enjoy being together, to laugh to dance and to be with kindred spirits whose individual histories are all very different, yet exactly the same.

Members of Generations After, Inc are invited.  The event is free to Holocaust Survivors and to Generations After members, contributions to the American Association of Jewish Holocaust Survivors of Greater Boston are welcomed.

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Izzy Arbeiter Essay Contest:

Boston’s Jewish Community Relations Council along with Generations After and many other Boston based corporations, Jewish organizations, synagogues and schools co-sponsor this scholastic challenge.  High school and middle school students in Massachusetts from both public and private schools of both secular and religious curriculum from all religions and nationalities are invited to submit essays that fulfill the objective of the theme of the event.  Essays are collected and read by a panel who select one High School student’s essay and one middle school student’s essay to receive the award and a scholarship.  A presentation ceremony is conducted at the New England Holocaust Memorial.

This event is open to the public and is free of charge.

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Social Action:

New England Holocaust Memorial:

Mmbers of Generations After work with Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston as docents of the new England Holocaust Memorial Site.  Pre-arranged tours are conduced by 2G members of GA at the site to local area schools as well as tourist to the city of Boston.  Tours include information on the memorial site as well as personal family histories and an opportunity for visitors to ask questions as they walk through the memorial.  Link to New England Holocaust Memorial

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Co-Sponsored Programs:

GA also co-sponsors the following programs that are administered and primarily funded by Schechter Holocaust Services of the Jewish Family & Children's Service (JFCS).
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Holiday Visitation::

In 1999, Generations After initiated the Holiday Visit program under the name Bikur HaChagim.  Volunteers visit frail elderly Holocaust Survivors at holiday times, bringing baskets and companionship.Volunteers include children and grandchildren of Holocaust Survivors, many of whom are Generations After members.  Since 2004 the program has been administered and funded by Schechter Holocaust Services at JF&CS.  For more information, contact Elyse Rast, Program Manager, Outreach and Education at ERast@jfcsboston.org or (781) 693-1201.
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German Translation Service::

During 2005, Generations After began the German Translation Service with a grant from the Brookline, Brighton and Allston Community division of the Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP).  Holocaust Survivors often need assistance reading and/or filling out various forms and documents that are in German.  Elyse Rast, Program Manager, Outreach and Education, Schechter Holocaust Services at JF&CS will help Survivors find translators who can assist them.  Members of Generations After who are multilingual provide translation services for the Holocaust Survivors.  For more information, contact Elyse Rast at ERast@jfcsboston.org or (781) 693-1201.
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Café Hakalah::

JF&CS coordinates and facilitates a monthly social gathering in Brookline for Holocaust Survivors.  Programs include musician, Yiddish films, and speakers.  For information contact Elyse Rast, Program Manager, Outreach and Education, Schechter Holcaust Services at JF&CS at ERast@jfcsboston.org or calling (781) 693-1201.

Generations After co-sponsors the monthly Café Hakalah events by funding and coordinationg transportation to the gatherings for those who need it, as well as supplying funds for the refreshments for each meeting.

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